Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring Has Sprung

Although the week started off with horrific weather and a major power outage, there was calm after the storm. My cottage mates and I felt like we were in the pioneer days when we were boiling water in the fireplace to make our tea. But the next few days were glorious and the sound of the first lawn mowing of the Spring was a welcome change. When I started school in January it was just getting light at 9 in the morning and was dark by 5. Now with daylight from 7:30 to 6 the whole school has bloomed with excitement. The chefs are eager to leave demo to play rugby, ping pong or go for a swim at the seashore. All the daffodils are out in a beautiful bold yellow color. And my lovely spring onion that I planted on the first day of school is proudly growing tall. Even the school rooster has been sharing his joy this week with a "cockadoodledoo" in the middle of the afternoons. The greatest excitement was the arrival of visitors. I haven’t had any guests for nine weeks and on Friday Gillian arrived for a short but sweet visit (she left on Monday) and then on Saturday Heather, Quincy and Fred came for a week. There should be some fun blog photos coming!