Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Final Third

It is the final third and I am beginning to feel the end is near. That is why I have been savoring every moment. Week eight has been the best yet. Actually, everyone laughs at me because I say everyday is the best day ever. Making homemade pasta again this week was fun particularly because we made lasagna and stuffed pastas such as ravioli. We also made gourmet hamburgers (which are even more delicious because of the homemade buns) and fries, poached salmon with hollandaise sauce, the best tasting ice creams in the world, and a variety of meringues. I was so excited with the way my Irish Coffee Meringue Roulade with whiskey cream turned out because I made decorative meringues in the shape of shamrocks and placed them on top with chocolate covered coffee beans. Probably the most rewarding thing of all was starting off Monday morning making scones for everyone in my kitchen. I got into the kitchen early to bake them even though it wasn’t on my list of assigned recipes. It put everyone in a good mood and it was a treat to see all these chefs enjoy a warm scone with fresh butter and jam. Although they have treats all the time, it meant the world to them and it was a nice way I could share my “love and serve” philosophy. Wednesday we had a school field trip to a couple of food artisans. We went to the farm of cheese maker Ann Keating and to the smokehouse of Frank Henderman who is a world famous smoked salmon guru. We had lunch at a great restaurant called the Tannery in Dungarven and finished off the day in Cork City visiting the English Market. My bus buddy Keefsa and I almost got stranded at the smoke house. We were assigned bus buddies so that no one was be left behind and the drivers would be sure all heads were accounted for, but this system had a major flaw: When both buddies were not on the bus! Keefsa and I both needed to use the bathroom at the end of the smoke house tour but the bathroom had a glass door. So we took turns standing in front of it to block the view. When we got outside, we saw our bus driving away. Luckily, there were two buses. So here we were in the pouring rain flagging down the other bus and then begging them to let us squeeze in. Note to self: Hold it! Later that night my cottage mates and I enjoyed a buffet dinner of all the goodies we purchased at the English Market, and then followed that by a viewing of the dvd “The Quiet Man.” Friday afternoon I drove to Kenmare in County Kerry. This quaint town was voted “Tidy Town” for its cleanliness. Saturday morning I drove around the Ring of Kerry. I’ve heard it compared to the 17 Mile Drive in Carmel, but that is like comparing apples and oranges. Besides, I don’t remember seeing sheep and goats walking across the roads in Carmel. I must say that I am in awe of God’s glorious creation and had to pull the car over several times to wipe away the tears. Photos don’t do it justice. Oh, and I was followed once again by my rainbow. Today my cottage mate Margaret and her husband Kevin and their boys Keiran and Stephan joined me and we took a drive around the Baera Penninsula. Kevin drove so I was better able to enjoy the view. We shared a memorable lunch and took pictures at the top of the Healy Pass Mountain where you can see a lake, river and the ocean. I’ve never seen so much green and blue in my life.