Sunday, March 18, 2007

On a Scale of One to Ten, Week Ten Was a 10!

With the kids in Ireland visiting me, this week earned a top score of ten. It was fun to show them around the school and introduce them to the people with whom I’ve been spending the last couple of months. On Sunday we visited the Stephen Pearce Pottery, which is down the road from the school. My friend Gillian was with us, and being a fellow blogger, has posted her pottery adventure ( Then we ventured into Cork City. It was pouring rain but we managed to stay dry by ducking into pubs and restaurants along the way. Tuesday night was the big dance party the teachers hosted for the students at the Blackbird Pub. What a blast! Heather and Quincy danced more than I did. During the week the kids poked around local sightseeing during the day while I was in school. They visited the Jameson Whiskey Factory and played pitch and putt in the seaside village of Youghl. Quincy played 18 holes at the Fota Course. In the evenings we dined at some of the best restaurants around. Thursday night, however, I prepared a birthday dinner for Fred who turned 25. I served a typical Irish meal of pea soup and Shepherd’s Pie with salad. I also baked a birthday cake. All of my cottage mates celebrated with us. We finished a great evening playing board games. Friday we drove to Dublin and had a nice dinner and explored the Grafton Street area. Saturday Heather and Fred flew back to the States and Quincy and I went to the Guinness Factory. The city was crawling with St. Patty’s Day revelers. It is the one National Holiday that the entire world celebrates. Today we drove north for an excursion and I almost didn’t make it. We stopped for gas at a Shell station and I decided to use the bathroom. Unfortunately I got locked in. Terror set in and I began screaming HELP! Apparently Quincy thought I was still in the Shell Shop and wasn’t aware I was shell shocked. He had purchased some snacks and was in the car comfortably eating and reading a book. Luckily adrenaline kicked in and I was able to pry open the bottom of door just enough to stick my hand out. So I continued screaming and waving my right hand while pulling the bottom of the door with the left hand. A guardian angel arrived looking like a ten year old red headed boy. It was difficult to communicate through the small opening I had created in the door, but he knew I needed his help. He proceeded to kick in the door (I had taken my hand out at this point). It took a few tries, but he did it. By the time I was freed I was obviously shaken and when I walked back to the car Quincy was wondering what had happened. It took me a while but I rallied and we visited the historic Newgrange Site in County Meath. Tomorrow is a bank holiday so I don’t have school. After Quincy flies off to the States I’ll make my way down to Shanagarry for the last couple of weeks of this wonderful adventure. One thing is for sure, I’ll never forget this week!