Saturday, February 24, 2007

It All Starts Here: The Rota Board

My cottage mates Clodagh and Mary demonstrate the anticipation and excitement of the Rota Board. It all starts on the board where we find out each week which kitchen we will be cooking and with which chef we are partnered. We also get our list of weekly duties and we check the board daily for our recipe assignments. In seven weeks I have had seven different partners (Bert, Sophie, Thomas, Victoria, Katie, Lughan, and Mark) and worked in three different kitchens (One, Two and Three). I’ve been trained by ten different teachers and three different master teachers. In addition to my cottage mates and cooking partners, I have met so many wonderful people here. Besides the fifty-five students, there are countless others such as gardeners, administrators, housekeepers and maintenance crews. The entire school functions with a group effort mentality and the family feel is infectious. This is a business model that I am fortunate to experience.