Saturday, January 20, 2007

Week Two on the Green Isle

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Now I may not be a dog and I am only somewhat old, but I have learned a few new tricks. The woman who didn’t even know how to work a cellphone correctly has now navigated a blog,digital camera and a laptop in light speed. It is amazing how the quote, “necessity is the mother of invention” certainly fits for me now. I’ve always said that I’m not a techie but give me a pot and a pan and I can cook anything. Going to cooking school fits with that mantra. But being required to learn all this tech stuff is the real challenge. However, I truly want to keep in touch and this blog seems the best way. At the moment I am in Dublin. One of my cottage mates, Mary, lives here and is married with four grown children. She decided to come back for the weekend and on the spur of the moment I decided to hitch a ride. I am staying in a small hotel in a residential area. How appropriate that I am across the street from the Catholic University School. This is actually hotel #2. We arrived late last night and once Mary dropped me off I went straight to sleep. I was most excited about coming to Dublin so I could have internet access over the weekend. Much to my dismay, my small hotel was too small to offer that. So early this morning I walked a block away to a slightly larger small hotel that did offer internet. I am here until we head back to Shannagary tomorrow around 2pm. This afternoon I poked around the city, picking up some food and exchanging money. I still have a hard time giving $100 US dollars and getting only 73 Euros!! I scouted places to attend church in the morning and got back to the hotel before the rain got too wet. I must say that Dublin is far more diverse than when I was here six years ago. This past week school was a blast and I had fun cooking things such as homemade almond fruit tartlets, yummy chocolate pudding, several vegetarian dishes (check Julies blog for pics) as well as learning how make fresh butter and cheese and how to bone and skin fish, chicken and lamb. Those butchers sure get their money’s worth! A group of ladies at school organized a Tuesday night yoga class and a Thursday night walk. We realized we were eating way too much good food and spending too much time indoors. So hopefully we will stay somewhat healthy these next ten weeks.