Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Importance of Wellies

After a long journey from Los Angeles to Shannagary I was excited about my first day at the Ballymaloe Cookery School. Wanting to be a prepared student, I had gathered everything on the supply list days before I left. However, one thing on the list had left me perplexed: Wellies. I called my cousin in Tuam, County Galway and learned that Wellies also known as Wellingtons, are rubber boots. I was intent on finding them before I left LA even though many people told me I would have a better chance of getting them when I landed in Ireland. Who knew that J Crew on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica of all places would have fabulous blue Wellies. This was a huge relief since I didn’t arrive in Ireland until the night before school started. I had a feeling that I would need them on the first day of school. I was right. Just after the registration early Monday morning, all fifty five students went on a walking tour of the school property with the owner and head teacher Darina Allen. It had been raining the night before so of course the gardens were wet and sloshy. I was like a little kid splashing through a rain puddle. Not everyone was feeling as carefree. One of the female students who had either not read the supply list or chose to ignore it was wearing silver pumps. After the hour long tour, they weren’t silver anymore! I must say I am really attached to my Wellies. It has been a week now since I have been in Ireland and I have worn these comfy blue boots everyday. Back in LA I suppose a pair of Rainbows would be comparable in terms of the relative fashion flexibility and universality. Now, if you’re like me and live in LA and don’t own a pair of Rainbows you’ll survive. But if you plan on spending any time in the Irish countryside during the rainy season, which is the majority of the year, than you must learn the importance of Wellies.